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Diana's Story

What?! Diana exclaimed after her GP looked at the MRI and said she was scheduling a CT Scan for the next day and connecting her with a doctor at Texas Oncology, Dallas. What is a CT Scan?!" Diana cried again. Diana had rarely been sick in her life, and was not overly familiar with medical terms.

It all started with a persistent pain in Diana's right hip which turned out not to be hip bursitis but a tumor. And the visit with that doctor revealed that Diana had several tumors in her abdominal area – not surgically removable, so far. Her cancer is Stage 4 Metastatic BRCA 2 Pancreatic Cancer. At this point, for the last 8 months, Diana has endured 12 all day chemo treatments, every 3 weeks.


Midst this dark cloud hovering over the Savage house, a bit of sunshine broke through -  the very happy, beautiful news that Diana and Stoney would be meeting their daughter Stella's first child, and their first grandbaby, a boy, on February 14. LOVE  baby. And then, one week later -  that cloud darkening -  Stoney was admitted to Presbyterian Hospital for quintuple bypass surgery. If he hadn't contacted a cardiologist after being so out of breath after short walks, and discovered the blockage of the arteries to his heart, he could have died, never able to know and care for that baby boy.

COVID and the required shutdown of onsite customers struck hard on their bar business, Stoney’s WINE LOUNGE, but thanks to Stoney’s well-established reputation for stocking very good wines at reasonable prices, they’ve stayed open, but just barely.

The medical bills the Savages are facing are substantial – Medicare goes just so far -  and when the chemo treatments stop working, the next best treatment is a lot more expensive. But, Diana must go on. 


She wants to know and help care for and love that baby.

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