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Wine Storage


Storing your wine in Stoney's wine storage lockers provides you not only convenience and easy access but the ideal wine temperature of 55 degrees, 24/7.


Locker Rentals:

  • 20-25 cases: $50.00/month

    • $500.00/year

  • 60-65 cases: $125.00/month

    • $1250.00/year

Gift Baskets

Our gift baskets or boxes can contain wine, beer, crackers, sausage, chocolate and cheese. The wrap (container, ribbon, card, excelsior) starts at $15. Total cost depends on contents.

Cellar Consultation

Stoney's provides cellar consultation for customers wishing to customize their private collections. FInding both suitable wines and good deals that are in line with the customer's tastes and interests.

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