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  • "We can't say enough about Stoney's! Di and Stone are the epitome of gracious hosts. They have created a wonderful environment to appreciate the well-thought-out wines - a place we will return to again and again!" -Peter and Susie Carton

  • "We love the music and the comfortable, laid-back vibe of the place: it's like being at home-only with better wine!" -Laura and James Phillips

  • "We first came to Stoney's for the music. Then, Stoney started helping us cultivate our wine knowledge and palates. We love the atmosphere - like a concert in your den with a bunch of new friends." -Kyle Babick and Julie Jacob

  • "In over thirty years of wine tasting, I feel like I have seen every kind of wine sales. Stone Savage is honest, has a great nose for wine and does not take advantage of the customer. He is helpful and knowledgable about all wines for the novice to the true connoisseur. A great value to all!" -Dr. James Montgomery

  • "Most wonderful place to listen to fine music, sip fine wine, converse with fine friends. Magical surroundings. Interesting musicians and entertainment. Low key, no pressure, most New York-y of Dallas' musical venues! Very pleasant proprietress and proprietor who are knowledgable about good wine and what foods to serve with it. Love that place!" -Sarah Aberg

  • "Although I've always enjoyed thewine at Stoney's, I wanted to share some comments about the music experience. I've been an avid jazz listener and supporter for some 30 years now in Dallas and have seen many clubs come and go during that time. Stoney's is really evolving into one of the few real consistent places for great live jazz. For those of you who enjoy hearing great music from the many highly talented jazz musicians that we have in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, Stoney's is a much-needed venue that really presents it "front and center" in a very pleasant and intimate/relaxed setting as opposed to the typical restaurant with jazz "pushed into the background." Not only is there great music found there every weekend now, but the variety of artists presented goes beyond most live jazz experiences found in other clubs and restaurants and proves just how rich this great American art form is. Stoney's is rapidly becoming the ideal neighborhood place to be for those of us who appreciate a great jazz experience." -Tom Guerin

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